MRCPP of Ma Chung University always appreciate various talents of our Indonesian in the science and technology field, thus come and join us to improve our Indonesia's science research. Together we can become the bridge for the future of Indonesia's science



This project deals with characterizations of a novel Light-Harvesting (LH2) complex from anoxygenic purple photosynthetic bacteria that show unusual characteristic of having multiple types of polypeptide pair. Upon variation of the light intensity in which the bacterium grows, different polypeptide compositions are expressed to form LH2 complexes. This leads into a new bonding interaction that tunes the absorption spectrum of LH2 prior to efficient energy capture and energy funneling. In the previous years, we have published low-resolution crystal structure of a new type of LH2 and its function in the energy transfer (Biochem. J. 2011, 440, 51-61; PNAS, 2012, 109(5), 1473-1478). Here, we would like to characterize the polypeptide compositions more quantitatively.

We offer two (2) full-time internship research positions for 3-6 months (starting July 2014) to conduct the following tasks, such as cultivation of anoxygenic purple photosynthetic bacteria (Rhodopseudomonas palustris and Roseobacter denitificans) at different light intensities; isolation and purification of LH2 complexes as well as development of the purification method using HPLC-PDAD; and polypeptide characterization using SDS-PAGE gels and UFHPLC-LC MS/MS (Shimadzu LCMS 8030).

We highly value applicants, who have prior knowledge on microbiology and protein biochemistry or related subjects as well as practical techniques on protein purification and detection (UV-VIS-NIR, Fluorescence, and Mass Spectroscopy). It is also important for the interns to be able to engage actively as team members in activities within the campus and adaptable in surrounding environment. Successful intern will receive a small pocket money (IDR 950,000 - 2,100,000). At the end of internship project, interns will receive a certificate of appreciation.


If you are intending to use this offered project for your master thesis or doctoral dissertation, please find and consult to a supervisor at your own university. MRCPP can facilitate as a co-supervisor/co-promotor upon MoU or MoA (intellectual properties protection apply).