MRCPP Researchers Successfully Uncovered the Mystery of Pigments in Indonesian Endemic Red Fruits (P
25 November 2020

As a research center that focuses on pigments, exploration of pigments in various Indonesian natural commodities is MRCPP's interest to keep on working and contributing to the nation. One of the most recent studies initiated and carried out by a senior MRCPP researcher, Heriyanto, S.Si., M.Si., M.Sc., is the identification of carotenoid pigments in red fruits which are endemic to Indonesia and known to have various health benefits. This research is very interesting as the composition of the carotenoid pigments in red fruit has been identified. Instead of containing beta-carotene, which has been reported by other research reports, the presented pigments are capsanthin and capsorubin which can also be found in red chilies. Based on literature studies that have been conducted, capsanthin and capsorubin are categorised in a group of phytochemical compounds that can prevent carcinogenesis, oxidative stress, cardiovascular disease, hypertension and multidrug resistance. Therefore, it is very important for the research results that have been obtained to become information and be applied in functional food products so that it could be beneficial for society.