Various science and research facilities is one of the primary key to support all kind of science and technology research. With ambition and strong yearn to improve our science world, MRCPP of Ma Chung University always try to increase all kind of modern science facilities. Together with us, let's improve Indonesia's science

MRCPP laboratories have been well equipped with modern facilities including:

  1. UFLC XR Prominence coupled with LCMS-8030 triple quadrupole mass spectrometer (Shimadzu)
  2. Analytical UFLC (Shimadzu) with a dioda array detector (SPD M20A, 190-800 nm)
  3. Preparative HPLC (Shimadzu) with a dioda array detector (SPD 20AV, 190-900 nm)
  4. Spectrophotometer UV-Vis-NIR (UV-1700, Shimadzu)
  5. Spectrophotometer UV-VIS (Multispec 1501, Shimadzu)
  6. Spectrophotometer Fluorescence USB4000FL (200-1100 nm, Ocean Optics)
  7. Homebuilt laser confocal microscope
  8. AKTA Start with HiPrep Sephacryl S200HR (GE Healthcare)
  9. Ultracentrifuge OPTI MAX-XP (Beckman Coulter) with MLA-50 rotor (max. speed 232,960 x g)
  10. Two Freeze Dryer (LabConco and Martin Christ)
  11. Climate Chamber (ICH110L, Mammert)
  12. Ultra Deep Freezer (-80°C)
  13. Two 3-D Printer (Wanhao)
  14. High speed refrigerated centrifuge 6500 (Kubota)
  15. Two unit of rotary evaporator digital with chiller
  16. Techne TC-3000 Thermal Cycler PCR
  17. Universal laboratory mill ( IKA M-20, with
  18. Dispenser (IKA T18 Basic , max speed 30.000 rpm)
  19. Glove box for controlled atmosphere (Plas Lab)