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Science Shop

MRCPP as part of the academic world are called to help provide a real contribution in the construction and development of the city together with the Academic, Business, Government, and Community (ABGC) through the Science Shop photosynthetic pigments. You can consult with us via e-mail address: mrcpp[at]machung.ac.id

We also offer Pigment Analysis Services as following table below :

Standard Curve
Rp. 750.000
Spectroscopy (quantitative)
Rp. 185.000
HPLC (qualitative)
Rp. 450.000
HPLC (quantitative) Rp. 1.200.000
LCMS (quantitative)
Rp. 750.000
LCMS (quantitative) Rp. 1.500.000

*Price above is excluded of data intepretation and standard pigment

please download this leaflet:
Brochure NATChrom
Booklet NATChrom
Pigment Business Opportunities

We are ready to support Sistem Inovasi Daerah (SIDa)