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Activities Fabian Jung (Bingen University of Applied Sciences/DAAD Rise Alumnus)

During the summer 2011 I got the possibility to work for three months in the MRCPP laboratory in Malang as an intern. I applied for the program RISE worldwide which is provided by the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) every year. This program affords different research projects in the fields of science and engineering to German bachelor students

Fabian and friends

DAAD alumni, like my supervisor Dr. Tatas H.P. Brotosudarmo, offered these projects to the RISE worldwide platform for which the students could apply. I made my choice to go to Indonesia because of the difference in culture which I could find here and the very interesting project of the topic of renewable energy sources. Indonesia is not only a developing country; it is the country with the second highest biodiversity and so I saw a big potential of doing research there in the field of biochemistry. When I got the confirmation for this scholarship from the DAAD at the beginning of the year, I was so glad to get the chance to experience culture, kind of working and the people there.

And also my project “Reconstitution of light-harvesting complexes for use in bio-hybrid solar cells” was for me as a student a very good and intensive possibility to improve my practical skillsand combine them with my theoretical knowledge. I learnt how to grow photosynthetic bacteria, extract pigments from plants and bacteria and purify them with the column chromatography and HPLC. This internship was my first engagement abroad, so it was not easy in the first days. But after a time I learnt how to adapt, I think I can say now that I became a full member of the staff and felt very comfortable working in this group. My collaborators made it very easy for me to mingle and helped whenever they could to finish the project before I had to leave. Finally I finished it successfully and in time and my work during these 12 weeks was not only important for me and my studies, but established also the basic for further research in the field of bio-hybrid solar cells. With this and the many friends I made in my mind, I was proud to leave the country and MRCPP as a more experienced student.

Helen Sukowijoyo

Given the chance to have an internship in University of Ma Chung was the perfect opportunity to experience real work environments, apply the knowledge I gained from university, and also to learn new things. I was very much welcomed on the first day I came. The people were nice and friendly, and the work environment was great as well. Despite all the busy works everybody was doing, they were always willing to help each other, and everybody felt like family.

During 5 weeks long of internship period, I was engaged in the department of Ma Chung Research Center for Photosynthetic Pigments (MRCPP). Besides laboratory activities, I also participated in the preparation of several activities such as holding 2nd Natural Pigment for South East Asia (NP-SEA) conference and preparing for the arrival of Ministry of Reasearch and Technology Indonesia. Enrolling in Ma Chung research center helped me improve my skills both in laboratory and communication with co-workers professionally.

All the works in MRCPP were carried out very professionally. The lab works was conducted with strict rules and standards. The instruments and tools were handled with care. I was impressed by all of these and especially by MRCPP international working connections which enabled it to be advanced and progressed rapidly.

Matiss Ozols (University of Bradford)

During the summer of 2012 I experienced a great opportunity to develop my skills putting all my effort learning as much from, as well as contributing towards as an intern in MRCPP laboratory Malang, Indonesia. I applied for this internship through internship-indonesia.com website. They help growth-oriented people to find an internship that gives a serious working experience.

When I got my confirmation to have this opportunity to be an intern I was excited. I am a person that is keen to have new experiences and challenges. Cultural and environmental difference, country of development, real opportunity to apply my gained skills and learn new skills working as part of a team of researchers, all this was very enchanting.

My objective of this internship was “Data optimisation of HPLC obtained, 3D photosynthetic pigment data”. I was constructing MatLAB script for a specified application. I was working under supervision of Renny Indrawatiand my project was based on previous research of her, this time introducing mathematical software. This allowed me to apply my theoretical skills gained at university in a real application. I learn a lot more. I learnt how to go through the whole research process, starting from field sampling, extraction of pigments from plants using HPLC and purification using column chromatography, finishing with writing a paper for ascientific journal.

It was very exciting to work in this team. People in research centre are very helpful and supportive. They are very cheerful and intelligent people with a great motivation of life. I was very interested in research projects that they were conducting and I loved to discuss different ideas and theories, possible solutions. I believe I became a real member of this great team and created great contacts. I achieved the goal and constructed Matlab script. Internship program made me interested in research and showed me that it is the job that I love to do and I wish to do. It gave me a great interest in pigments and in data analysis and research.

Great experience, a lot of gained skills and an insight in my near future job. All this made me understand a lot more about myself, my goals and a world that we are living in.

Yusuf Setiawan

I am college student with Informatics Technology background. During July 2013, I have internship in MRCPP. People thought that my internship didn't related with my department but I thought that was a new challenge to explore a new world. Maybe it was a good time to apply my Informatics's knowledge with a science.

My project in MRCPP was "Pigment Identification Program". I was working under supervision of Mr. Marcelinus Alfasisurya Setya Adhiwibawa and Mr. Indriatmoko. Pigment determination can be analyzed through data pigment matrix that produced by HPLC. I developed this program using Matlab script. I learnt many new things here such as how to work safely in laboratorium, how to use HPLC, how to sampling. With this new experience I think science is wonderful and it can unlock the secret of this life.

When I was here, MRCPP has many activities such as NPSEA, visit from minitstry of research and technology. NPSEA was great experience that I ever felt, because I can attended international science conference.

People in MRCPP are very helpful and nice. They are great people with a great experience. And I can finish my project in one month. I think they just inspired me to become a scientist and showed me how wonderful science is through pigmen research