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International Conference on Natural Sciences (ICONS) 2014

Thursday, 25 September 2014

More than 170 researchers and experts from 15 countries attended International Conference on Natural Sciences (ICONS) 2014 organized by Ma Chung Research Centre for Photosynthetic Pigments (MRCPP). The event was held from 25 to 28 September 2014. Dr. Leenawaty Limantara, the rector of Universitas Ma Chung, also the chairwoman of the conference, informed that the participants and speakers were from 15 countries, namely Indonesia, Japan, German, The United States, Poland, Serbia, People’s Republic of China, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Myanmar, Egypt, Vietnam, The Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia. The event, which was fully supported by Alexander von Humboldt (AvH) Foundation, did not only carry a single theme, instead three themes in a row, namely Humboldt Kolleg on “The Voice of ASEAN researchers”, the ICONS itself on “From Laboratory to Industrial Application”, and lastly, the regional networking meeting of Asian alumni of the International Climate Protection (ICP) fellowship programme. ICONS invited prominent researchers from several universities from German, Japan, US, and local universities, mostly working on photosynthetic pigments, microbiology, genetics, nutrition, pharmacy, and renewable energy. With the means of this conference, the Chairwoman, Dr. Limantara, hoped that Indonesian researchers could network and expand their International collaboration opportunities. Together with conference, Dr. Klaus Manderla also explained the research and fellowship opportunities for young scientists with doctorate degree from Indonesia as well as from ASEAN region offered by AvH Foundation. The conference also aimed to showcase research efforts around the world to tackle the global issues such as food, medicine, and alternative energy resources.