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Pigments Research in Ma Chung University Goes to the National Center of Excellence

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Jakarta (Antara) - The Minister for Research and Technology Gusti Muhammad Hatta said that centers of excellence support the realization of competitive industries. "Center of excellence supports the creation of a competitive industry and improve the production and quality of products prior to self-sufficiency and export," said the minister after the award ceremony of the 2013 Center of Excellence on Tuesday, December 17th, 2013. Until now, there are five leading centers of excellence: Center of Oil Palm, Center of Cocoa and Coffee, Center for Tropical Diseases Airlangga University, Center for Horticulture Bogor Institute of Agriculture and Biofarmaka (Herbal Medicine) Research Center Bogor Institute of Agriculture. In addition, there are 12 R & D institutions are being prepared by the Indonesian Ministry for Research and Technology to be become centers of excellence such as Rubber Research Centre, Centre for Application of Isotopes and Radiation Technology BATAN, Microelectronics Center Bandung Institute of Technology, Active Materials Research Center Pigments Universitas Ma Chung (Ma Chung Research Center for Photosynthetic Pigments), and some other research consortium.

"These R & D institutions will be the center of excellence in their respective fields."The Minister said that his office would continue to prepare Center of Excellence for science and technology, so that it could contribute to significantly boost the economic growth in each economic corridor, inclusive and sustainable, improving and enhancing connectivity between the economic corridor and economic competitiveness. To boost the number of a center of excellence, Indonesian Ministry for Research and Technology provide incentives for R & D institutions that nurtured and established as the leading center of science and technology such as operational incentives for institutional development, human resource incentives, incentives for facilitation of international networks and research funding and utilization of research results. "In every corridor there is a center of excellence and potential center of excellence," he said. There are two criteria for a center of excellence to be fulfill, the center has to have strong academic achievements, and economically advantageous. Each center of excellence has competencies all aspects of the upstream to downstream research.

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