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Improving School Biology and Chemistry Teachers Competency

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Team of MRCPP and Universitas Ma Chung has conducted training course for 25 teachers that were selected previously by Malang CityDepartment of Education (DoE). "DoE sent a notification letter to the schools for sending application. The team was then selected candidates based on merit, training, and self motivation letter. So it is not rationed by quota per school, but really from the quality of the teacher concerned, "said Mr. Taufik Chairudin SE, chairman of the committee.

Teacher training was held every two times a week during November 2012 - February 2013. The training course includes self - management, project action plan, virtual laboratory, and fun/game chemistry and biology. Teachers was then given task to write modules, articles and develop teaching-learning in the class.

" With this event, the teacher is expected to be more creative to teach and facilitate students for their thirst of knowledge. In addition, this event is the place for mutual sharing between teachers " said Mr. Taufik .