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Current Research Activities

Within MRCPP research activities are focused on an integrative approach to understand how photosynthesis works at molecular level and to use that knowledge to develop applied technologies for sustainable food security, healthcare and energy.

The following research areas reflect the expertise of staff, the acquisition of research funds and recent applications for grants:

  1. Mapping the composition of photosynthetic pigments in Indonesian marine algae
  2. Stability properties and photodegradation pathways of photosynthetic pigments
  3. Exploration of unique photosystems in Indonesian aquatic organisms
  4. Structure and function of photosynthetic pigments and unusual light-harvesting complexes
  5. Pigments as potential food ingredients and functional food
  6. Natural pro-Vitamin A from CPO waste/fibre and other source indigenous from Indonesia
  7. Pigments as potential nutraceutical and cosmeceutical
  8. Hybrid nanostructure composed of metal nanostructure and light-harvesting complexes
  9. Photoproduction of biofuels energy