Ma Chung Research Center for Photosynthetic Pigments (MRCPP) is a multidisciplinary research center in Indonesia that focus research on the field of pigments as active materials, whether in a form of free pigments as well as a pigment-protein complex. MRCPP conduct basic research in the exploration, discovery and determination of pigments, including metabolomics, structural, photobiology, and photochemistry studies. MRCPP is also interested to do chemical modification of pigments and to couple the pigments with metal nanoparticles, semiconductor nanocrystals, smart nanocomposites, or catalysts in order to have control in tuning the light absorption and to enhance the productive photochemistry. MRCPP uses the knowledge of this basic research to develop the pigments for use as functional food colorants, in health supplements and as light harvesting materials for solar energy. MRCPP also conduct applied research in developing and constructing photometric plant chlorophyll detection devices. Currently, MRCPP also works using multispectral satellite and UAV remote sensing and develops vegetation database for sustainable ecological agriculture and mangrove forestry. We are proud that Ma Chung Research Center for photosynthetic Pigments (MRCPP) was officially registered and acknowledged as a National Center of Excellence (Minister Decree No. 48/M/Kp/XII/2014) by the Minister of Research, Technology,and Higher Education, Prof. Dr H. Muhammad Nasir, M.Si, Akt, Ph.D


Brotosudarmo, THP

Photobiology and Photonic Instrumentation

Dr. Brotosudarmo tertarik pada riset dasar dan aplikasi kompleks pigmen-protein pada sistem fotosintesis untuk inovasi material energi terbarukan berbasis bio. Dr. Brotosudarmo adalah salah satu peneliti pelopor dalam konsep sel surya bio-hybrid (MRS Bulletin 2008, vol.33, no.4, p. 255), sekaligus sebagai anggota...


Leenawaty Limantara, Ph.d

Photobiology and Photonic Instrumentation

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